BA series vortex water pump

BA series vortex water pump

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  • Vortex electric pump consist of motor, pump and seal three parts. Motor is an asynchronous motor, Impeller struction is swirl type.It has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, compact structure, simple and convenient installation, high efficiency and energy saving, safety and so on. Suitable for handing clean water not containing abrasive particles and fluids which are not chemically aggressive to the pump components.

Application Feilds

Widely used in living water supply ,well water pumping,pressurization of tap water,hot-water pipeline pressurization,water tower water supply,gardens and vegetable greenhouse watering,aquaculture water supply and drainage and so on.

Working Condition
Max. fluid temperature +60℃                            

Max. ambient temperature +40℃
Max. solid impurity:0.1%,Max. particle size: 0.2mm.


Pump Body: Cast iron/Brass/Stainless steel
Impeller: Brass
Mechanical Seal:Carbon/Ceramic/Stainless steel
Frant Cover: Cast iron/Cast iron with brass insert/Stainless steel

Single Phase
Heavy Duty Continuous Work
Motor Housing: Aluminum
Shaft: Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel
Insulation: Class B / Class F
Protection: IP44 / IP54
Cooling: External Ventilation
Construction and safty standards in compliance with IEC

220V/50HZ.60HZ  110V/50HZ.60HZ  220v.110v/50hz.60hz are avaliable on request.

Technical data and Overall & installation dimension